Money Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas You Should Avoid
Now there are plenty of wonderful money making ideas out there to try, but you should also know which ones to avoid. You see, everyone wants your hard earned money, and they will say & do anything to get it. I call those people scammers. Chances are you have bought an E-Book online that didn't really help you much.

You are not alone. I was scammed a lot myself when first starting off in internet marketing. I bought a lot of those E-Books that promised me I would make at least 5k per week ( Yeah Right). The sad truth is that a lot of people fall for these tricks simply because they need money. And it sounds good when someone says, " Buy my E-Book for $29.99 and learn how to make $200 per hour"

Now I am not saying that every single E-Book ever created is a waste, just most of them. So please avoid getting scammed by these people. I would hate for you to be spending your money on things that are not going to help you much in internet marketing.

Also try to stay away from paid surveys, even though I know a few people who have made some decent money, I still wouldn't recommend you doing paid surveys. Why? because this entire niche is full of scammers. Again not every single site is a scam, but the odds are not on your side.

So, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up of what kind of things you need to stay away from. You can still try these money making ideas just make sure that you also understand the risk involed
What Happened To The Idea Frenzy?
First off, I would like to apologize because of delaying the idea frenzy. I said I was going to be updating this blog with tons of money making ideas for you to try. Well, as always in life, things never go as planned. I wasn't on my computer at all for the last couple of weeks because I took a trip to the lovely oral surgeon, lets just say It was not fun.

Anyways because of this I was really just unable to do any type of work on my computer. I am still not back 100%, it might take another few days, maybe even a week for me to be back working. I know a lot of you really need some quick money, and I will try my best to put some posts together for you guys.

What I was thinking of doing was to add a section for quick money making ideas and another for long term money makers. That way I can help both sides. I will say this though, long term money makers are always better then quick ones, but I understand that sometimes we just can't wait. So give me just a little more time to fully recover and I will be back with tons of money making ideas!
The Idea Frenzy Is Coming...Beware
So let me introduce to you "The Idea Frenzy". From time to time, I will have an idea frenzy. What does this mean? Well, I will be updating my blog a lot with cool money making ideas for you to try. During the idea frenzy, I won't be going into great detail about each method, but rather try to put out as many money making ideas out there as possible. My goal is to get your "Idea" motor going.