how to make money online

Affiliate Marketing
This is the best and easiest way to make cash online, with little or no cost required.
There are plenty of ready to promote products to choose from! There are also a ton of niches - your sure to find one you like which will make it even easier to make money by knowning your product and what methods can sell this product to make it even easier to earn some money from the things you are intrested in.
All you need to do is setup a basic website nothing advanced just a simple website consisting of 2-3 pages.
No need to create sales & marketing pages for the product or service that you have decided to sell - these ready to promote products come with everything you'll need.
What you need to get started
Very little is the simple answer here.
You need to sign up with a website that deals with affiliates the best and most popular right now is ClickBank
Once you have signed up here you need to go to the marketplace and find a product that you are familar with, as you make sales clickbank will handle all the payments, customer service and provide you with your commisson anywhere upto an amazing 75%
Next you will need traffic, this can be easily achieved by many differnt methods which i will create future articles about, you can find many aritcles for this in the meantime.
You will also need a website, this only needs to be a basic website to get yourself started, its best to buy a domain and hosting but that is not essential to start with, there are many free places to start your website.
Your website should be directed at the product that you have choosen to sell, it will then include a link provided by which transfers your vistors to the product sales page and they will handle the rest.
So to sum up all you need is a product promote (there are thousands to pick from), and a basic website that can be setup within a day.
I will post more articles to help with setting up a website and where to look to get a website setup at no cost that will make you money.
Get started today and you could soon be earning a second income right away.