The Free and easy way to make money online

The Free and easy way to make money online
Follow this step by step easy as pie guide and then mail me when the money starts rolling in. Here goes:
Sign up with Clickbank dot com - choose an ID that is easy to remember then remember it.
The top 4 money making Click Bank niches are internet marketing, weight loss, dating (i.e. how to get the girl or guy) and muscle building.
In Clickbank - click on 'Marketplace' and type in any one of the niches above in the "Find Products" box.
You will then see a list of products that fall in that niche for you to promote.
Next click on the drop down "Sort Results By" and select "Gravity".
Choose all the ones you are interested in by clicking on "Promote".
You will then get a pop-up screen that will give you the link to promote so that you can earn commissions on those items.
Copy and paste those links into a document and call it "My Money Makers".
Now you are ready to start making money and these are the simplest, easiest, laziest ways of doing it. Are you ready - okay let's go.
Promoting your niche products
Create a Twitter account applicable to your niche. E.g. Weight Loss. Use a memorable and enticing username.
Create an eye catching profile image with a sexy skinny girl or guy.
Put in your profile information something like "I help people to lose weight and keep it off".
Use the affiliate link from the niche product you selected in Click Bank as your website link. To disguise it you can use Tiny dot CC to change it to something else.
The go to the twitter page of someone famous or someone that is influential in your niche. E.g. Oprah
Then follow their followers like crazy so that they will either follow you or click on your link to read more about you. This part is simple - you just click on their "Followers" link then click "Follow" next to their names. Click, Click, Click.
RT their tweets and add affiliate link into the retweet
Tweet an interesting fact related to your niche with a link to your affiliate link
Reply to people tweets with a relevant comment and a link to your affiliate link
Say something controversial or enticing with a link to your affiliate link. I think you get the picture, any interaction you have on Twitter - include your affiliate link related to that niche.
Yahoo Answers
Sign up using the same username for the niche as you did for Twitter (makes it easy to remember).
Then search for questions that fall into your niche, e.g. "Lose weight".
Answer their questions and link to your affiliate link Make your answer as natural sounding as possible, don't make it a sales spiel. E.g. "You know I had this same problem and it was tough, but I found something that seems to work. I only lost 2kgs in the first week, but I'm losing more each day, I weigh in this weekend, so excited I can't wait ! I used this - try it you never know" - then include your link to how you lost it. And also add your link as a reference.
Answer as many questions as you can in your niche every day.
You can do this on any site where people ask for advice.
Sign up for a Facebook account using the same details as Twitter.
Simply search for fan pages that have alot of followers. Famous people work well. Use the top 10 famous people for a list. (Google is your friend). Country names such as "India", "Nigeria", "Japan" etc work well too. Fan Pages work better as you don't have to wait to be accepted. Friends is a waste of time don't go there.
Simply "Like" the fan page which will allow you to post something on the page wall.
Post an enticing post with a link to the tiny url of your affiliate link.
Don't do this on too many walls too many times or Facebook will block you. But do choose really famous walls with alot of wall activity - you can see this by the posts on the wall.
This one can get annoying if you have to post in forums and get tired of creating new profiles for each forum, however it works very well. However doing just that gets clicks to your affiliate links. Google forums that fall into the niche you chose, then join up and reply on posts. Make it relevant and natural. Then use your link in your signature and as part of your profile. Use an enticing photo for your profile always.
The other highly lucrative place to comment is on relevant blogs in your niche. Don't copy and paste comments, type something new and natural.
Create a profile, same premise as above.
Comment on high traffic videos in that niche. Don't put the link in your comment, but rather on your profile.
If you don't mind spamming your friends, then create an email that entices them to go and visit the link, especially if it's a niche topic that you know they would be interested in.
Encourage forwarding of the email to win a prize (preferably something unused that you own already else you'll have to fork out some money for it).
This method is the by far the easiest and laziest one out there but it's going to cost you $5. On, search for "Social Networking". You will then get a listing of hundreds of people who will promote anything you want for $5.
Choose someone that has good feedback and lots of Facebook fans or friends or followers. Pay them via Paypal through the site and allow them to promote your link for you.Once the money starts coming in, you can pay $5 over and over again with different product niches.
There you have it. If you don't make money on any of these tips - then tweak it until you find the one that works for you. The only way to make this work is by doing it over and over again, every day. The more you do it, the more you will make.